Sofant’s disruptive SmartAntenna innovation is based on a patent-protected programmable RF MEMS (Radio Frequency – Micro Electro Mechanical System). This results in a significant reduction in energy usage (up to 90%) and improved battery life in mobile devices. The technology also achieves the best signal strength consistency by focusing radio energy in the direction of the wireless base station. Battery life and improved connectivity are key problems for the rapidly growing global mobile wireless communication market.

The upcoming 5G wireless standards are being created to help address the growing market demand for mobile data. Antenna performance has a significant impact on data throughput, power consumption and battery usage within mobile devices. As mobile operators add new capacity at higher frequencies in the millimetre wave (mmW) bands, the pressure on battery performance and data throughput is increasing. Sofant is developing a ‘SmartAntenna’™ to address the emerging challenge for 5G mmW applications. Sofant’s addressable markets are in the mobile phone, routers, base stations, small cells, consumer electronics, automotive and defence equipment sectors. The addressable market for Sofant’s technology is expected to exceed US$2 billion by 2023. Sofant’s plan is to create a significant European based global wireless technology business.

The overall project objectives are to:

• Produce a qualified miniature SmartAntenna™ system ready to be commercialised with mobile devices providers.
• Establishing RF MEMS manufacturing supply chain.