About us

Steering the Future of Wireless Communication

Sofant’s smart antenna™ technology dramatically reduces the cost of producing and operating wireless network equipment while improving performance, simplifying design and reducing power consumption

Sofant Technologies Ltd is a highly innovative technology company which was incorporated in 2011 to commercialize researched and developed work which began at the University of Edinburgh in 2006. Sofant’s inherently low cost, low power and high performance smart antenna™ technology is being applied to develop innovative solutions which help its customers reduce the cost and complexity of leading edge RF system design


Solution & Technology

Using a combination of patented RF MEMs technology, antenna design and software algorithms; Sofant’s smart antenna™ technology is positioned to revolutionise future wireless systems.

Sofant’s technology is inherently low cost and can be leveraged to reduce the complexity of RF system design while improving performance and reducing power consumption.

Antenna Array

Sofant’s ability to leverage its antenna design capability and RF MEMs technology uniquely positions the company to solve the most difficult performance challenges.

Software Algorithms

Sofant proprietary algorithms are optimised to extract the maximum performance from its antenna systems.